Filling the 4.4

4.4 Water Input/Output-Nearside
4.4 Water Input/Output-Nearside

There are three water inlets, two on the side of the truck and one at the back.  The first inlet on the side is 3 above, the Tank Filler or Hydrant Inlet.  This is the fastest way to fill the tank from a pressurized source as it bypasses the pump. The next inlet is the Collector (6 above). This also takes pressurized water (hydrant, pump etc.) but it allows you to deliver water to the hoses at the same time. The final inlet is on the back of the truck and is used for drafting as it is a suction inlet.

Filling the Tank from a Hydrant 
This is the quickest method of filling the tank as the water goes directly into the tank and bypasses the pump.

  1. Turn on the Master panel switch
  2. Open hatch on top of tank
  3. Connect hose from hydrant to Tank Filler (hydrant) Valve. (see #3 in photo)
  4. Turn on hydrant, open Tank Filler Valve
  5. Monitor water level through tank contents gauge until tank is full.
  6. Turn off Tank Filler Valve
  7. Turn off hydrant
  8. Open and close Tank Filler Value to let pressure out of hose
  9. Disconnect hose from hydrant

Note:  Apart from turning on the Master panel switch to monitor water level no other pump station action is required, i.e. no other switches on.

Filling The Tank From a Pressurized Source While Maintaining Water Supply To Delivery Points
This allows the tank to be filled while still maintaining supply to fire fighters.

  1. Connect water supply to Collector Valve Inlet (see #6 in photo)
  2. Advise hose operators to standby for water pressure fluctuation
  3. Turn on PTO and Tank to Pump switch
  4. Turn on water supply
  5. Open Collector Valve
  6. Monitor water tank contents indicator until at least 3/4 full
  7. Switch off Tank to Pump Switch. The truck’s delivery hose lines are then provided water directly from the hydrant supply with PTO assistance.
  8.  Re-instate pump pressure as required.

– Variations in delivery pressure may occur during any of these functions and engine revs should be adjusted to compensate.
– As water tank levels drop below the 1/2 level, repeat the above procedure.
– If output is maintained to the level of input, continue with the collector value open until water output slows.
-Using the Tank to Pump valve, will give the pump operator better control of water flow and pressure, while maintaining supply and simultaneously filling the tank for emergency use.

Supplying Water to Delivery Points from a Pressurized Source
(If water tank is less than 3/4 full, follow the procedure above to fill tank and supply water simultaneously)
• Connect water supply to Collector Valve Inlet(see diagram #6)
• Connect delivery hose(s) (as required)
• Turn on Master pump panel switch
• Check the water tank level (Fill as required. Refer “Fill Water Tank whilst maintaining supply instructions”
• Ensure Tank to Pump switch is OFF.
• Turn ON the Pump Engagement switch (PTO)
• Open delivery valves/Hose Reels (as required.)
• Operate hand throttle to desired pressure.

Filling Tank from Open Water  (Drafting)
See separate instructions here.