Hand Held Radio

General Instructions in brief for Hand Held Vertex Standard
1. Battery
–Charging time for this version not provided but others take 1.5 to 2.5
–Charging is complete when LED on charger is steady green
–Remove from transceiver when not in use (clip at base)
–Recharge 50% every 6 months
–Use “low power” setting “B” to extend using time.
2. Operation
–Top centre button is Group Selector eg WAERN, DEC.
–Top right button is On/Off and Vol.
–Top Orange button locks or unlocks keypad
–Left side top PTT Button
–Left side below PTT two buttons channel Up or down
–* Enter SELCALL number then hash. This set Selcall is 7 plus last 5
digits of serial number (1.4 HH is 750232)
–“A” Press to activate or deactivate talk around
— “B” High/Low power
–“C” Press to change channel by entering number on keypad
–“D” Press once to scan group, press twice to scan your channels
For details instructions refer to papers in storage box.

Some WAERN Channels in this area
Augusta /Margaret River. 253
Busselton 182
Balingup 144
Bridgetown 197
Bunbury 132
Capel 272
Collie 157
Dardanup 272
Donnybrook 106
Harvey 132
FESA Bunbury 271
FESA Bridgetow 196
FESA Nannup 145
Water Bombers 271/198
DEC Busselton 606
VFRS Dunsborough 355, VFRS non-Dunsborough 354
Simplex 361 – 369