Burning Off, Hazard Reduction Burns, Fire Bans

The information below applies to the months that do not require a Permit To Burn. 

For current updates and for details on temporary fire bans as well as when a permit is required, visit the City of Busselton website here.

The Brigade is always pro-active in encouraging Hazard Reduction Burns (HRB) during the off-season (normally May-Sept.) to reduce fire risks over the summer.

It is always advisable to conduct HRB during the autumn or the start of winter. This is to ensure:

1. Winter rains should usually extinguish any smouldering bits of vegetation.

2. The bush has time to recover before the hot, windy summer months.

Through experience, we have found by doing it at this time of year, the native flora comes back well; especially with a “cool burn” which cleans up under grass trees and helps with the germination of wildflowers and other native vegetation. It is not advisable to conduct the burn in spring as every bit of burning vegetation has to be extinguished to avoid dangerous flare-ups over the summer. It has been known for a fire to stay dormant, deep in a root system or trunk of an old tree, and flare up weeks or even months later and start a wildfire.

Hazard Reduction Burns by the Brigade

The Brigade can conduct burns for private landowners, but we do charge a fee of $100/hr/fire truck. So if all three fire trucks attend, it is $300/hr. The total cost will be estimated on consultation, pending the size and duration of the burn. The burn is also dependent on the availability of volunteer members and suitable weather conditions.

The fee collected for the burn helps pay for equipment and training for the Brigade, which is always appreciated and helps the Brigade keep the Yallingup community safe over the dangerous summer months.

Fire Trailer for Hire from Bush Fire Ready

Landowners can conduct a Hazard Reduction Burn themselves if they feel safe and confident to do so.
The Bush Fire Ready group is a DFES/Community programme and maintains a 900-litre firefighting trailer which can be hired for a very reasonable daily fee. The trailer must be filled with water and fuel on return.
To enquire further or to make a booking, please click to visit the Bushfire Ready Group Facebook page, or make contact at yallingupbushfireready@gmail.com

Consultancy available from the Brigade

The Brigade offers consultancy from the Senior Officers, the local Fire Control Officers (FCOs) and Captain. The consultation carries no charge, as we are here to help and encourage landowners. For further questions or queries, contact FCO Mark Fisher 0419 945 348 or email wyadup@iinet.net.au, or Captain Matt Muir 0408 745 558, email mattymuir125@outlook.com