Hose Etiquette-NSW Style

Layflat Procedure

Firefighter 1
• Bowls first length of lay flat from pump  #1 outlet (does not connect) and takes branch, moves  to the estimated end of second length (approximate location if being bowled) and when ready connects second length to branch, ready for water on.





Firefighter 2
• Goes to the end of first length with lay flat and deploys second length, connects couplings and follows first member to end of second length as back up.




Firefighter 3-if connecting to hydrant
• Takes stand pipe, breaching piece, hydrant bar and suitable supply hose to back of pump, bowls hose towards hydrant. Moves to hydrant location and ships stand pipe with breaching piece

Firefighter 4
• Fourth member is pump operator – connects attack line and (if possible) opens valve on pump idle to slowly charge line whilst being deployed.
• Pump operator considers variables for either supply to tank or soft suction
and chooses correct option
• Pump operator connects supply line to vehicle
• Pump operator liaises with member 3, and the attack line for coordination of water movements and pump pressures


Drafting Procedure

Firefighter 1
• Take first suction length, strainer and float to water source, and connect strainer and float.
• Connect second suction length to first length (after rope has been secured) and deploy strainer into water using the free side of the rope as a guide.
• Secure rope to a fixed point, or another point on tanker, once location of strainer is correct, and then support other duties.

Firefighter 2
• Take second suction length and rope, secure centre of rope to strainer with a clove hitch
• Work back along suction length with one end of the rope doing a half hitch on the water side of each coupling to take the weight of water from the suction hose
• Secure end of rope line to solid support on pump with a round turn and two half hitches
• Take second attack length and deploy at the end of fist attack line. Connect coupling and move towards end of second attack line to support the third member in the attack line team

Firefighter 3
• Deploy third and fourth length of suction hose. Connects to second line as firefighter 2 uses half hitches on water side of couplings.
• Begin deploying attack line (first line and branch)

Firefighter 4 (pump operator)
• Connect suction line to suction inlet, when suction hose is deployed open suction hose valve and pull water through suction hose to prime main pump
• Liaise the attack line/s for coordination of water movements including attack and refill









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