Making a SELCALL or an individual call by dialling from the truck radio.

A SELCALL (selective call) allows you to send a signal to another specific radio that they need to get in touch.

You can make an individual call to another radio by using the alphanumeric key board on your truck radio. Before you proceed you must know the SELCALL number of the other truck or handheld radio that you wish to call. Each truck has a list of SELLCALL numbers of the other trucks and handheld radios.

  1. Select Menu>Dial radio call (SELCALL) A series of X characters appear prompting you to dial over them
  2. Dial the 6 digit number on the key board. This is normally the truck number.
  3. Press send

The call details appear on the screen and the Red LED glows and the transmit arrows appear (Dual arrows) .
If the called radio receives the call the message Ack. Received and the radios status appears on the screen.
If the radio does not answer within 7-8 rings there is a facility which activates the siren and lights to alert the driver that a specific call is being made to his radio. (This currently does not work on the 1.4)

Making a SELCALL or an individual call by dialling from the handheld radio.

To make a SELCALL from a handheld number type * followed by the truck or handheld radio number followed by #
A handheld SELCALL number is 7 plus last 5 digits of its serial number (for example 750232)

If you receive a SELCALL:

  1. Press the button below “answer” on the radio screen. This notifies the sender you have got the message. If you do not do this the siren will sound after 7-8 rings.
  2. Immediately try to get in contact with the caller over the radio network. The sender’s SELCALL number should be visible on the screen. You may recognize the number as one of our trucks. If not, put out a general call.  If you cannot make contact due to poor communications immediately move to a location with better communications and establish contact.