Brigade kept busy with two fires Friday night

The brigade spent another weekend evening on the go with two, almost simultaneous, fires.

Filling from the Dunsborough 4.4

Around 1:30 there was a call- out to a fire on Marrinup near Commonage Road. Duncan was first on the scene while Emma got the Light Tanker. He was joined by members of the Dunsborough brigade, including their FCO. Emma quickly returned with the Light Tanker, followed by the Dunsbourgh 4.4 and their Light Tanker.

Meanwhile Rural’s 4.4 and 1.4 were directed to another fire on Caves Road near Whittle. FCO Mark was joined by Andy, Bevan, David, Justin, Mark P,  Noel and Todd. The fire was burning along a 30m stretch of verge. Fortunately the vineyard was protected by a good firebreak.

Marrinup Rd-The next day

It took about 90 minutes for the fires to be extinguished and blacked out. The fires were described as suspicious.