Another busy weekend for the brigade

Smokey Conditions at Chapman

The brigade spent another busy weekend fighting fires on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday afternoon crews were sent to the Chapman Hill fire and spent the rest of the day in acton. Sunday morning they were back at Marrinup, scene of last weekend’s fire.

Getting ready for action-Chapman

Around 3pm Saturday Emma and Todd went off in the Light Tanker and Andy, Bob, Chris, David , Kevin, Mark P,  Mike and Mitch were in the trucks. They joined brigades from throughout the region and Parks and Wildlife Service firefighters in attacking a fire at Chapman Hill which was first reported around midday. They spent a lot of time knocking out fires in the tree tops and blacking out in very smoky conditions. Recent training came in handy with a lot of truck reversing in the dark They didn’t get back to the shed until 10:45 that evening. By Sunday morning the fire was contained and under control with over 20 hectares burnt.

Sunday in the rain-Marrinup

Sunday morning the brigade joined Dunsborough in putting out a fire at the same location as last week’s Marrinup/Commanage fire. Emma and John were in the Light Tanker and Anne, Bevan, David, Mark, Matty and Michael in the trucks with Kevin and Pete joining the trucks at the fire. FCO Fish was in charge. On arrival the brigade was confronted with a number of grass trees alight and fire up to 3m in other trees.  Along with fighting the fire, the brigades had to deal with 75k winds and driving rain. The thermal camera was put to good use tracking hot spots while blacking out. Fortunately the fire was blacked out in time the for the brigade’s AGM.