FCO passes on thanks from FESA for Yelverton fire response

Hi All
A big thankyou for all the efforts and especially Barb for the callouts and arranging ferrying.  The Yelverton incident was potentially very dangerous though currently put to bed and sleeping hopefully not to be awakened.  DEC are doing the patrols at this time.

I received messages this morning from Andy and FESA Capes Region District Manager Danny Mosconi thanking everyone for the huge effort and they wanted me to make sure you all received their personal gratitude. Well done.

It goes without saying that our pump on the dam was a raging success supplying most of the water needs of the day in a timely manner with able assistance from Richard, Jay,  Gerald,  Chris, Bay and Joe.  It was good to get you Auxiliaries on the fire ground for  some real work .
The pump is still on the ground providing water to DEC and I expect to get it back tomorrow Tues.  We will have to give it a check over then.

Thanks again to all..  Lets hope for some decent rain from this cyclone.