Brigade Kept Busy by Yelverton Fire

The brigade sent at least nine crews to the Yelverton fire, along with its new auxiliary team, Sunday and Monday, January 29 & 30.

The fire started when wind brought down a tree which in turn took down power lines around 6am Sunday. A full 4.4 crew was quickly assembled, shortly followed by the 1.4 along with the new pump and the LT. The auxiliary crew took over the pump later in the morning and all the crews were replaced at 4, apart from Annie and Mark who got off early for good behaviour (and their wedding anniversary.) The second shift was replaced by a skeleton crew at 10pm. They were replaced by another crew Monday morning.

Mark Fisher gets an “Eagle Eyes” award for noticing the fire had “spotted” in the adjacent national park. This was quickly attacked and controlled. Mitch gets the “all nighter” award for working two shifts-from 4pm Sunday until Monday morning.

The pump earned its keep, keeping the various assisting brigades filled and keeping the auxiliaries busy. And there were no complaints about the food. (Well, we think it was an Italian complement.)