Barb Awarded for Her Dedication

barbawardThe brigade’s “Call Out Chick”, Barb Stevens, received the 2016 Zonta International Women’s Day award for Community Service Sunday.

The award recognized her sterling work handling the demanding, difficult and often stressful callouts for the brigade over a long period of time. A number of brigade members attended to show their great appreciation for the work she does and to see her being recognised in front of a wider audience.

Barb, in her self-effacing manner, made light of her significant role and she used the opportunity to remind the audience of the importance of community, volunteering and being self-reliant. She thanked the brigade for their efforts in the community and Steveo for his support. As the award also acknowledged her leadership and organisation of the Dunsborough Red Hatters, Barb spoke about the importance of friendship, mutual support and having fun.