Simmo’s Without the Ice Cream

horsefireThe brigade was called to a paddock fire behind Summo’s Ice Cream Friday.

The fire was on a horse agistment property and was contained by the time the 4.4 arrived but it took hours to black out as it was burning and smoldering in peat and manure.

Bruce and Carlo Blacking Out
Bruce and Carlo Blacking Out

Bevan, Bruce, Carlo,  Fish and Tony were in the 4.4 and Mark P and Stando where in the LT. David  was in attendance. They departed at 11:30 and were back after 4. Dunsborough brigades and Yallingup Coastal where also at the fire with one Dunsborough crew spotted with ice cream cones.

Fortunately there was no sea breeze, which helped the crews in controlling the fire.