A Lot of Support Behind the Scenes

Over the last week the brigade firefighters got the publicity, but they have been getting a lot of support behind the scenes.

Barb Stevens was on duty 24 hours a day for five days (actually all summer) coordinating volunteers and putting together shifts for the fire. She is the interface between the managers coordinating the fire response and the volunteers. Along with sending out fire alerts she negotiates schedules and coordinates transport with the vollies. She is definitely in the wrong career-she would make an amazing travel agent. She could sell holidays in Marble Bar in summer!

Annie Palmer spent 4 days at Leschenault Leisure Centre as a Community Liaison Officer with over 1,000 evacuees. Her work included helping organize community meetings and providing fire information to evacuees, working closely with Media Liaison and the public. She worked directly with the evacuees to try to maker their life easier. She also travelled with those residents who returned to Yarloop to discover the fate of their properties. For more info on  the Community Liaison Unit (CLU) click here.

The Captain would also like to thank the ” Welcome Home” teams which greeted the tired and weary crews every night. Special mention to Barb Stevens, Shahan Ayres and Chris Ayres who were there every night regardless of how late.  It was good for morale, support and comradeship which made an even stronger bond to an already strong Brigade family.