First Vineyard Fire of the Season


December has started with the first vineyard fire of the season and the brigade’s 11th since mid October. A full turnout of brigade trucks along with Dunsborough kept the fire in the vineyard, saving the house and neighbouring bush.

There was a DFES callout Tuesday at 9:20. The Dunsborough trucks arrived first, both Fire and Rescue and Bush Fire along with their Light Tankers. They were followed by Rural’s Light Tanker with Duncan and Matty, and the 4.4 with Alan, Andy, Noel and Steveo.  Pete, in the 1.4; picked up his crew of Adam, Douglas, Mark and Tony enroute.  FCOS’s David and Stando where in attendance.

Vineyard After the Fire

The fire was thought to have started from a spark produced while slashing in the vineyard. Although there was not a strong wind, there were erratic gusts which spread the fire to various corners of the vineyard. Fortunately a recently created firebreak and the quick turnout of the brigades stopped the fire from burning up to the house on the property. The fire was out, although still smouldering, within an hour.