Greetings from the Captain

Hi all,
Just a quick note to say g’day and remind everyone to keep vigilant over the next week as we experience a nice little hot spell in the region. We will also be in for strong morning winds which is due to the weather patterns west and north of WA.

Keep your kits and phones handy if you’re around, make it easy for Barb if she phones and if you’re leaving the area for the day let myself or Barb know.

Dave, Fish and myself have and will be doing radio transmissions every morning for a weather/wind reports which will prepare us for the days comms.

Another point to remember is the strong possibility of fires in other regions starting and becoming large quickly. Ninety percent of the time the Mighty Y.R.V.B.F.B is called upon to supply units and crews. This arvo in Gracetown is a good example. If you are called upon make sure your rested and up to it. Especially if you get called out for a night run.

In the meantime keep cool and savour those warm beach days.

Thanks all
Matt Muir