Joe Burley on Rosneath/McLaren Ridge Standpipe

Hi all

Further to my email about the standpipe at Green Park Road to be fixed by the Shire, Pete queries if the Rosneath (McLaren Ridge) one has been fixed as there had been no water in the tank supplying it when it was checked during an exercise on the training night of Tuesday 3 January.

I forgot to mention, before training last Tuesday, I also checked this standpipe and the tank has water in it and the standpipe is now working.  It is the first double standpipe I have seen. It is a T shape with a central pipe with a lever control valve  on it and a T cross pipe on top with a control valve on each end. When I was there, the 2 cross pipe valves were opened so when I turned on  the control valve on the central pipe (it was not locked) water poured from both ends of the T shaped standpipe . So when we first go there to get water if both ends are still open you will need to drive the truck under one and get on the roof to turn off the control valve for this end and then go and get your water from the other end.

Or else have a shower at the same time.