Wake-up call for Brigade

The brigade was called to a fire at 6:15 Thursday morning with the 4.4 responding.

A fire had been spotted by a member of the neighbouring Willyabrup brigade while driving to work along Abbeys Farm Road at Brash Road. He quickly got their Light Tanker into operation.  By the time Rural arrived the fire was pretty much out.  But given the forecast of strong winds, another two hours and two tank loads of water were spent blacking out the fire.  The crew of Bevan, Mitch, Pete, Ross and Tony were rewarded with breakfast sarnies delivered by the CoB CESM. And were much appreciated.

With fires in the nearby Yelverton National Forest and Jindong the same morning, this fire was described as suspicious with police in attendance.  Fortunately there was no wind so only a few hundred metres along the side of the road burned. 
Brigade FCO / Captain Matt Muir stated that although the prohibited season lifted on the 14th March, this was a strong reminder that it is still a dangerous time for fires and therefore no permits will be issued in the Yallingup area until deemed safe by the FCOs. We are still looking for a significant fall of rain in the area until consideration will be made. Matt thanked all the Yallingup community for their vigilance and fire safety over summer and to keep up the good work over the next month especially coming into the Easter Holiday period at the end of April.