Brigade handles busiest day of the season

Ironically, the start of cool, damp weather brought the busiest day of the season for the brigade Saturday.

A nine o’clock callout had members turning up at a fire off Commanage Rd.  However, a quick response by Coastal brought the fire under control before our trucks arrived.

At 7:30 in the evening the brigade was called to a shed fire on Abbey Farm Road. Matty and Fish were first on the scene and Duncan, in the Light Tanker, was the first truck to turn up.  He was quickly followed by Coastal’s 2.4 and the brigade’s 4.4 and 1.4 . Alan was driving the 4.4 with Andy and Mike B, while David was driving the 1.4 with Bruce. Mike G joined Duncan in the LT.

The fire, thought to be caused by a faulty generator, had destroyed the roof and solar panels by the time the brigade arrived. With little wind, it was quickly contained and extinguished.  However burning fuel and exploding fuel tanks made the incident especially hazardous.

Fish and Matty returned the next day with the 4.4 to ensure there was no further risk.

The day was a good reminder that even though summer is over the risk of fires isn’t.

The Day After