Twelve brigade members get awards

Twelve members of the brigade got awards Friday night at the City’s annual Emergency Services Sundowner.  For the first time the event was held at the brigade’s Caves Road shed.  It was also the official opening of the brigade’s new training room.

Libby Mettam, MLA

The event was hosted by the COB mayor Grant Henley and local MLA Libby Mettam and was attended by regional and Perth DFES commissioners and officers, City FCO Allan Guthrie and about 75 volunteers.  Henley expressed the city’s appreciation for the work done by the emergency services volunteers while Mettam highlighted the important role performed by Bush Fire Ready groups. Local Fire Control Officer Mark Fisher talked about the history of the brigade from when it got its first real fire truck in the 1990s and the work done by Geoff Jones in introducing formal training into the brigade.

Mark Fisher FCO

Award winners were Douglas Kirsop and Ian Mitchell for 15 years service; Chris and Shahan Ayres, Ray Forma, Bruce Lawrence, Tony Sharp and John Stevens for 10 years and Gerald Hutton,  Ian McKenzie,  Kevin Smorthwaite and Barb Stevens for 5 years.  Peter Campbell and Gerald Hutton were both recognized for the work they have done for Bush Fire Ready.

Brigade members were busy the previous week preparing the shed for the event and creating the new temporary parking space.

The awards night crowd
Captain Matty making parking space