Local Crews Coming Back from Esperance

12.2 Leaving Esperance Saturday

The Yallingup Rural based 12.2 with Alan and Stevo is returning from the Esperance region Saturday, along with the Dunsborough truck with Leisha from Rural.

The South West Convoy Heading to Esperance

They headed off from Yallingup Wednesday with the 12.2 leaving the Thornton shed at 05:30. They met other trucks at Dunsborough and Manjimup and arrived in the evening at Esperance about 13 hours later. The convoy consisted of the 12.2, Margaret River 3.4 Urban, Dunsborough 3.4, Cattrick 2.4, Northcliffe 3.4.

They worked around the Scaddan area. The pictures were provided by Alan and Annie.

Burnt Out Wheat Crop
Leisha, new uniform, start of duties
Leisha, new uniform, start of duties
Smoke on the Water-Esperance


Blacking Out Near Scaddon
Blacking Out Near Scaddan