Private Burn-Offs Causing More Brigade Callouts

The brigade was called out twice in less than an hour Thursday due to private burn-offs gone wrong.

The first was on Yungarra Drive with the brigade being called out to help the Dunsborough brigade. It was just up the road from last week’s fire. Dunsborough quickly took control and our trucks were subsequently not needed and the crews were stood down.

Less than an hour later the brigade was called out to put out a fire off Indjidup Spring Road that had reignited from a weekend burn. The 1.4 with Fish and Matty put out the fire that had been smouldering for days in the sand and then flared up. The Brigade Captain pointed out that it is the responsibility of anyone doing a burn to make sure the fire is definitely out before leaving. With only a few more days left in the burn-off season it is crucial that anyone lighting a fire recognises the risks involved and takes adequate precautions.