Lightning Gets the Brigade out of Bed

Lightning started a fire on Caves Road near Spencer early Thursday morning with the alert going out at 5:15.

A rapid crew response got the 1.4 with Andy, Douglas, Carlo and Mitch; followed by the 4.4 with Alan, Matty, Noel, Pete and Tony; and the Light Tanker with Duncan and Emma on the scene quickly.  There they met FCO’s Hunty and Fish . The fire was soon extinguished. Blacking out took longer with fire smouldering in some of the older Marris along the side of the road.

The burnt area was adjacent to a blue gum plantation and it was fortunate the wind was from the south and the crews got to the fire so quickly.  It was the first workout for the reinvigorated 4.4.

Later in the day a fire at Clairault Winery got the volunteers out again but the winery staff had extinguished the fire by the time the crews got to the fire shed.