Brigade Fighting Out-of-Control Private Burns

Mopping up after Glover Road Fire
Mopping up after Glover Road Fire

The brigade has been called out twice recently to extinguish private burns that got out of control. In both cases they resulted from individuals trying to maintain multiple fires. Fortunately in both cases the brigade was able to stop the fires before they got into neighboring bush.

On Thursday, October 23, our new Light Tanker, and our 1.4 were called out, along with Dunsborough units and the 12.2 water tanker. The fire was quickly brought under control but it took another few hours to mop up. The new water tanker played a useful role in allowing a quick refilling turnaround, loading the Dunsborough 3.4 once, the Light Tanker twice, our 1.4 once.

Blacking Out
Fire Breaks the Property Line

The earlier fire was on the same day as the fire expo in Dunsborough and the quick exit of the trucks from the Dunsborugh parking lot gave a sense of reality to the exhibition. There was no shortage of trucks from around the Busselton region ready to help. Again, the fire was quickly extinguished. Fortunately there was little wind on the day.


Brigade Captain Matt Muir is asking the community to make sure anyone burning has adequate resources to control  the fire  and make allowances for a change in wind speed and direction.  This, he says, is especially important this week as after Saturday, November 2,  all fires will require a permit.