2012 AGM Report

This note is from our outgoing Secretary, Duncan Gardner.


The Yallingup Rural AGM ran for a minute under two hours, despite our best efforts to speed it up. It would have been longer if there had not been an Eagles home game! The committee changes are as follows: Duncan has been replaced by Sue Baker as secretary. Mark Fisher is now an FCO, in addition to David Hunt & Mark Standish Duncan & Chris Ayres are now Lieutenants, with Douglas moving to the top of the ladder. Mitch and David T languish in mid-table obscurity. Mitch figures again, adding to his duties as Beer Officer with Social Director. Ciao Carlo. Gerald joins the committee in the new position of Auxiliary coordinator. Also, the irreplaceable Barb is just that. Discussions continue and we hope to have at least part-time help soon. Volunteers required – perhaps an auxiliary?

Many thanks to Swings and Roundabouts for subsidising our post-AGM lunch.


Welcome to the new office bearers and many thanks to those passing on the baton, or should that be the ‘branch’.