CoB Code of Conduct, Objectives and Values


The purpose of this policy is to establish core values that underpin membership of, and the operations of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades of the City of Busselton.


Policy Statement
Through the application of this Policy, Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades of the City of Busselton, and the members of those brigades will conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of the respect of the community in acknowledgement of their dedication to community values and safety.

1. Code of Conduct
The City of Busselton has established Volunteer Bush Fire brigades pursuant to the powers enabling the City contained in Section 41 of the Bush Fires Act 1954.
As members of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades established under the Act, members of the brigade are officers of the City and as such are expected at all times to conduct themselves in a manner that is
1. consistent with the best interests of the brigade,
2. is in line with the organisational chain of command for both fire fighting and brigade activities, and
3. does not in any way bring discredit to either the brigade, it’s members or the City.

To this end, the City of Busselton has adopted the Code of Conduct for Volunteer Bush Fire Fighters.  Members of Brigades are required to commit to the standards of the Code and be governed by the Code.
Any person who is a member of a Brigade, when acting in that capacity shall:

  • • Act with reasonable care and diligence;
    • Act with honesty and integrity;
    • Act lawfully;
    • Avoid damage to the reputation of the local government;
    • Be open and accountable;
    • Base decisions on relevant and factually correct information;
    • Treat others with respect and fairness;
    • Not be impaired by mind affecting substances.
    • Fulfil their public and professional duties in a manner that is ethical, impartial, objective and responsible;
    • Not use or attempt to use their positions for personal benefit or the personal benefit of others, either by influencing others, the improper use of information gained in the performance of their duties, or otherwise;
    • Understand and be mindful of their role, responsibilities, empowerment and limitations and act within those parameters
    • Refrain from making allegations which are improper or derogatory, unless true, in the public interest and in an appropriate forum;
    • Refrain from any form of conduct in the performance of their official or professional duties which may cause any reasonable person unwarranted offence or embarrassment

2. Brigade Objectives
The Brigade shall undertake the following objectives—
(a) provide timely, efficient and effective emergency services;
(b) minimise the impact of emergencies on the community;
(c) work with the community to increase bush fire awareness and fire prevention;
(d) ensure that active Members’ training requirements are maintained and documented to meet City of Busselton and DFES standards
(e) ensure all operational equipment is serviceable and available for emergencies;
(f) provide an environment where every individual is treated with respect, and which is free from discrimination or harassment;
(g) uphold the City of Busselton’s Policy ‐ Code of Conduct; Brigade Objective and Values; and
(h) service the needs of the community and work cohesively with other agencies.

3. Brigade Values
(1) Members are to adopt the Brigade values at all times when representing the Brigade in accordance with the Code of Conduct as in Clause 3.
(2) The Brigade values include—
(a) Put the community first;
(b) Act with integrity and honesty;
(c) Work together as a committed team;
(d) Strive to keep ourselves and others safe;
(e) Respect and value the contribution of others;
(f) Have open and honest two way communication; and
(g) Continuously develop our skills to improve our service to the community.