Christmas-New Year’s Roster 2017-18

The following are the two rosters for the 2017-18 holiday period:

Christmas:  Midday 24th Dec – Midnight 25th Dec.

4.4 – Mitch ( CL) John Stevens, Bob Stevenson, Bruce Lawrence

1.4-Andy Jones ( CL) , Dave Topham, Tony Sharp

LT in Thornton Road:
LT -Duncan Gardiner ( CL), Emma Pinnell

New Years: Midday 30th Dec- Midnight 1st Jan.

4.4 -Doug Kirsop ( CL), John Stevens, Bob Stevenson.

1.4-Andy Jones ( CL) , Alan Yardley, Carlo Baldini

LT  in Thornton Road:
LT-Dave Topham ( CL), Tony Sharp